Avon Products, Inc.

1345 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY, United States, 10105-0302
Phone: +1 212 282 5000
Revenue: $1M
Industry: Retail - Internet & Catalog Order
Employees: 15
2014-10-14 13:23:08




Diane Sacchi-Martinovic Director Talent Development Global Organizational Effectiveness
Sharon Pavlik Director Global Shopper Insights
Tj Tj Marketing Director
Mi Wong Director Records Information Management & Project Management Office
Bhardwaj Sunil Director, Information Technology Finance SMT


Wen Buell Senior Analyst
Unika Bovell Human Resources Coordinator
Srikanth Mukka Information Technology Specialist
Jim Clark Systems Analyst
George Piro Supply Chain Manager Contract Manufacturing and Outside Vendors
Luciana Coutinho Program Manager Skin Care
Christine Barankewicz Other IS / IT Technology Professional
Steven Ashby General / Technical
Ashley Ferguson HeadofCategoryMarketing
Josephine Mills Treasurer
Michael Homer Project Engineer
Susan Miller Administrator
Fiona Ramsay Human Resources
Rick Nichols Procurement Manager
Carlos Fugimura Business Analyst
Glecy Bagasin Human Resources
Aida Ibanez Human Resources Coordinator

Vice President(s)

Andy Torregrossa Vice President of Information Technology
Susan Ormiston Vice President of Human Resources of Global Marketing
Richard Boyle Vice President Marketing
George Lesko Vice President Enterprise Applications
Sue Finn Vice President, Comp and Benefits