Cology, Inc.

15333 North Pima Road Suite 120, Scottsdale, AZ, United States, 85260
Phone: +1 480 609 8762
Revenue: $10M
Industry: Financial Services
Employees: 42
SIC: Miscellaneous Business Credit Institution (6159)
NAICS: (928863)
2014-10-14 12:05:27



Chief Executive Officer

Paul Rehnberg Founder, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director


Brian Cox Chief Business Development Officer
Kathy Harris Chief Development Officer
Pam Zuhoski Co-Founder - Chief Process Officer


Jennifer Sutera Director | Human Resources


Keith Saxton Manager
Greg VanPelt Co-Founder and Chief Technologist
Michael Rabicoff Director
Tim Skorupa Manager
Grace Schou Manager

Senior Vice President(s)

Charles Sweet Senior Vice President/Business Development

Vice President(s)

John Lovato Vice President of Finance