Eveo, Incorporated

303 2nd street South Tower 6th Floor, San Francisco, CA, United States, 94107
Phone: +1 415 749 6777
Revenue: $12M
Industry: Healthcare Services & Facilities
Employees: 50
SIC: Radio, Tv, Publisher Representatives (7313)
NAICS: (928954)
2014-10-14 12:35:50



Chief Executive Officer

Olivier Zitoun Founder & CEO.


James Norwood Chief Financial Officer
Tom Tully Chief Technology Officer
Thomas Trenker CFO
Bob Ellis Chief Operating Officer
Fred Petito Chief Strategy Officer


Randey Arnold-Kraft Director Of Human Resources
Patrick Mullaney Account Director
Hung Ma Account Director

GM/Managing Director(s)

Kim Middleton Managing Director and Senior Vice President
Lynn Monica VP & GM EV2 Mobile


Robert Kibble Director
Ron Lightstone Board Member
Shadi Mahassel Co-Founder
James Frisch Other Information Technology Manager
Jeffrey Starr Board Member
David Moyce General Counsel
Philippe Bouissou Board Member


Leo Spiegel Partner

Vice President(s)

John Olson VP of Product Management
Robert MacSweeney VP, Production
Cheslea Goodman Vice President and Group Account Director
Adam Lin VP, Finance & Corporate Development
Jeff Antanaitis Vice President, Group Account Director
Alex Jernigan Vice President and Senior Creative Director