Frank Miller Lumber Company, Inc.

1690 Frank Miller Road, Union City, IN, United States, 47390
Phone: +1 765 964 3196
Revenue: $47M
Industry: Water, Sewer & Power line
Employees: 200
SIC: Hardwood Dimension & Flooring Mills (2426)
NAICS: (928341)
2014-10-14 11:34:44



Chief Executive Officer

Dan Hackett Chief Executive Officer and President


Steven James Chief Financial Officer


Bret Baumann Logistics Manager, Manager Of Logistics, Senior Sales Director
Joyce Miller Export Director


Daren Hiatt campaign Chairman
Martha Mathias Chairman of the Board
Davis Criswell Architectural Marketing Consultant

Vice President(s)

Mark Hoffman Vice President of Sales
Tony Messina Vice President Operations
Josh Brennan Vice President of Sales