Greenman-Pedersen, Inc.

325 West Main Street, Babylon, NY, United States, 11702
Phone: +1 631 587 5060
Revenue: $185M
Industry: Engineering Services
Employees: 1,100
SIC: Services-Engineering Services (8711)
NAICS: Elevator and Moving Stairway Manufacturing (333921)
2014-10-14 10:50:28



Chief Executive Officer

Steve Greenman Chief Executive Officer


Gary Etter Chief Operating Officer


Dave Wagner Director of Information Technology & Geospatial Services
Ron Quesenberry Project Director / Technical Specialist
Hedley Armstrong Director of Photogrammetry for Middle Atlantic Photogrammetric Department
Bill Barrett Director of Civil Engineering
Robert Walcheski Project Director / Technical Specialist
Tony Serdenes Project Director / Technical Specialist
Charlie Watts Director Business Development
John Watters Director of Structural Engineering
Frank Rea Project Director / Technical Specialist
Thomas Napolitano Director of Construction Services
Gregory Zenk Director of Construction Services
Deborah Chase Director of Structural Engineering


Bill Ferdinandsen Assistant Program Manager
Kellee Needle Marketing Coordinator
A. Greenman Co-Founder
Christopher Farschon Expert Consultant
Michael Manning Software Engineer
Pierre Sabourin Head Of Electrical Engineering
Adam Spatz Mechanical Engineer
Herbert Pedersen Co-Founder
Winona Leaman Marketing & Business Development Manager, LEED AP
Stace Russell Marketing Manager
Kirk Shields Expert Consultant
Sarah Olthof Laboratory Manager
John Walkinshaw Board Member
Steve Osmolinski Network Administrator
Robert Sagala Mechanical Engineer
Paul Forte Coatings Specialist, MOT Specialist
Frank Gallo Assistant Program Manager - Belt Parkway
Marc Hinton Network Administrator
Perry Nutter Senior Vice Preident
Heather Monticup Project Engineer
M. Smith Expert Consultant
Joanne Peavey Finance Executive
Gaye Ires Finance Executive
Gary Tinklenberg SSPC Protective Coating Specialists
Helen Ambrosio Owner
Ed Faccioli Mechanical Engineer

Senior Vice President(s)

Christer Ericsson Senior Vice President
Dave Ledgerwood Senior Vice President

Vice President(s)

Harry Andes Vice President
Deborah Rosenberg Assistant Vice President
Andy La Polt Assistant Vice President
Steve Daiute Vice President
Eric Thorkildsen Vice President Business Development
Igor Livshin Vice President
Brian Mausert Vice President
John Rizzo Assistant Vice President