HaiVision Systems, Inc.

4445 Garand, Montreal, QC, Canada, H4R 2H9
Phone: +1 514 334 5445
Revenue: $10M
Industry: Computer Communications Equipment
Employees: 150
SIC: Household Audio & Video Equipment (3651)
NAICS: (928529)
2014-10-14 12:55:12



Chief Executive Officer

Miroslav Wicha President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman


Dan Rabinowitz Chief Financial Officer


Chantal Gauthier Director R&D / Hardware & Product Certification

Executive Vice President(s)

Chance Mason Executive Vice President of Global Commercial Sales & Internet Media Services
Peter Maag Executive Vice President, Marketing and Business Development
Mahmoud Al-Daccak Executive Vice President, Product Development
Chafye Nemri Executive Vice President, Operations


Anna Kozel Manager, Marketing and Communications

Senior Vice President(s)

Andy Vaughan Senior Vice President of US Federal & Global ISR Sales

Vice President(s)

Mohammed Ghafari Vice President, Middle East & Africa
Leo Bull Vice President of Americas Sales
Simon Lane Vice President of Information Services
Rick Snow Vice President, Operations
Ghislain Collette Vice President - Product Management
Lawrence Wilk Vice President of Finance