Perusahaan Perseroan (Persero) PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara

Jl. Trunojoyo Blok M-I No.135 Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta, , Indonesia, 12160
Phone: 62 21 725 1234
Revenue: $0M
Industry: Hydroelectric Power Generation
Employees: 0
SIC: Cogeneration Services & Small Power Producers (4991)
NAICS: Hydroelectric Power Generation (221111)
2014-10-14 10:41:18




I.G.A. Adnyana Director of Java-Bali Operations and Director
Bagiyo Riawan Director of Strategic Procurement & Primary Energy and Director
Murtaqi Syamsuddin Director of Planning & Affiliation Development and Director
Nasri Sebayang Director of Construction & Renewable Energy and Director
Eddy Erningpraja Director of Human Resource & General Affairs and Director
Vickner Sinaga Director of East Indonesia Operations and Director
Moch. Pahlawan Director of Commerce, Risk Management & Compliance and Director
Setio Dewo Director of Finance and Director


Zulkifli Zaini Commissioner and Member of Audit Committee
Moch. Sofyan Head of Renewable Energy Division
Iryanto Hutagaol Head of Internal Supervisory Unit
I Sakya Head of Corporate Strategic Planning Division
Wimpy Tjetjep Commissioner and Member of Risk Management Committee
Rully Fasri Head of Information System Division
Supangkat Santoso Head of Java-Bali Power Generation Division
Agoes Priyambodo Head of Java-Bali Transmission Division
SY Agus Head of Strategic Procurement Division
Dadang Daryono Head of Human Resources Development System Division
Beni Hermawan Head of Accounting, Tax and Insurance Division
Harry Nugroho Commissioner and Member of Audit Committee
Assistia Semiawan Transaction Electric Power Expert
Jemjem R. J. Head of West Indonesia Transmission Division
Sapto Triono Head of East Indonesia Power Generation Division
Tri Nugroho Head of Construction Administration Division
Harry Hartoyo Head of Corporate Delivery Unit
Oman Sumantri Head of West Indonesia Distribution & Customer Services Division
Henky Basudewo Head of Java-Bali Construction & Ipp Division
Widodo Mulyono Head of East Indonesia Transmission Division
- Roikhan Head of Human Resource & Talent Development Division
Andin Hadiyanto Commissioner and Member of Audit Committee
M. Bekti Head of Utilities Business & Transaction Division
Syahrial Loetan Independent Commissioner and Chairman of Risk Management Committee
Wirabumi Kaluti Head of East Indonesia Distribution & Customer Services Division
Djoko Prasetyo Head of System Planning Division
S. Kurnia Head of Treasury Division
Basuki Siswanto Head of Engineering & Technology Strategic Procurement Planning Division
Agus Pranoto Secretary to The Board of Commissioners
Sriyono Siswoyo Head of Organization Development Division
Muhammad Nur Head of Corporate Finance Division
Budi Kristanto Head of Corporate Legal
Nasser Iskandar Head of West Indonesia Power Generation Division
Adi Supriono Corporate Secretary
Gong Hasibuan Head of Budget Monitoring Planning Division
M. Mardjoeki Head of Gas & Oil Division
Setiyadi Dewantoro Head of East Indonesia Construction & IPP Division
Edi Sukmoro Head of General Affair & Head Office Management Division
Amir Rosidin Head of Risk Management Division
Hernadi Buhron Head of IPP Procurement Division
Eko Aris Head of West Indonesia Construction and IPP Division
Benny Marbun Head of Commerce Division