Road Machinery, LLC

716 South 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ, United States, 85034
Phone: +1 602 252 7121
Revenue: $100M
Industry: Industrial Machinery Distribution
Employees: 345
SIC: Wholesale-Construction & Mining (No Petro) Machinery & Equip (5082)
NAICS: (928649)
2014-10-14 10:28:22




Bill Hoke Chief Financial Officer


Mark Zavesky Director - HR
Vicki Sedillo Human Resources Director
Charlie Bell Director of Marketing
Ted Alonzo Director of Outside Techs
Elmore Persons Director Operations

GM/Managing Director(s)

Chuck Paugh General Manager of Southern AZ, New Mexico and El Paso Region
Ray Baca General Manager of the Albuquerque & El Paso Offices


Greg Renteria Account Manager
Allen Stokke Equipment Manager
Becky Lucio Manager Operations
Jerald Collens Corporate Credit Manager - Road Machinery LLC

Vice President(s)

Gary Beal Vice President Sales