Account-Based Sales Development:

Develop Accounts, Not Leads

Identify high-value companies most likely to buy and treat them as markets of one, strategically targeting key decision-makers across the account and tuning messages to precisely address their unique needs.

Sales development reps (SDRs) using an account-based selling approach score 5x higher response rates.

Focus only on the accounts that matter.

With account-based selling, you pour your energy into targeting and the development of fewer but better accounts with sales intelligence that gets you in the door and into their buying process. View accounts as a single entity, pooling individual contacts to build your best path to success in account-based selling.

Engage with messages that resonate.

With account-based sales development, tap into deeper, more compelling insights to connect the dots between an entire account’s contacts, news, and activity. Then break through the noise by engaging with account-specific value propositions that customers hear.

Increase response rates.

With account-based sales development, you can build hyper-focused account and contact lists based on ideal demographics, firmographics, breaking news, keywords, connections, and, with Tech Profiler, technologies used. Add social insights to understand their business needs and reach out with door-opening relevance at just the right time.

Most outbound email campaigns deliver lackluster response rates, below 3% on average, while sales development reps (SDRs) using an account-based sales development approach are realizing 60% open rates and 31% response rates.

  • Response Rate of Average Outbound Email Campaign 3% 3%
  • Response Rate of SDRs Using an Account-Based Sales Development Approach 31% 31%