InsideView Data Accuracy Outshines the Competition

As proven in quarterly benchmark tests, InsideView provides more accurate data than other leading data providers, helping you reach the right targets with the right message at the right time… more often.

Company Data Accuracy

Identify ideal customers more accurately with InsideView company data, which consistently outperforms D&B and ZoomInfo for accuracy across critical data fields.

Q4 2020

  InsideView D & B Zoom Info
Overall 92% 80% 79%
URL 94% 94% 96%
Industry 93% 76% 81%
Revenue 92% 73% 66%
Emp Count 84% 59% 57%
Address 95% 91% 87%
Status 97% 91% 91%
Overall 92%
URL 94%
Industry 93%
Revenue 92%
Emp Count 84%
Address 95%
Status 97%
  D & B
Overall 80%
URL 94%
Industry 76%
Revenue 73%
Emp Count 59%
Address 91%
Status 91%
  Zoom Info
Overall 79%
URL 96%
Industry 81%
Revenue 66%
Emp Count 57%
Address 87%
Status 91%

Based on a sampling of 500 accounts representing different company sizes and industries, where the fields listed above are compared against trusted sources. The overall accuracy is a weighted average of accuracy for the individual fields.

Contact Data Accuracy

InsideView maintains a high degree of contact accuracy, as well. Because it’s equally important to find and connect with the right people at your target accounts.

Q4 2020

  InsideView D & B Zoom Info
From companies of all sizes 87% 69% 66%
From Fortune 1000 92% 77% 73%
From companies of all sizes 87%
From Fortune 1000 92%
  D & B
From companies of all sizes 69%
From Fortune 1000 77%
  Zoom Info
From companies of all sizes 66%
From Fortune 1000 73%

Based on a sampling of 1,000 contacts (250 from Fortune 1000 companies, 750 from all others) with director level titles and above in Finance, Marketing, Sales, Operations, and Information Technology. Records are validated against trusted sources, such as company website, SEC and other legitimate filings, news articles, and LinkedIn. They are considered valid if the contact is currently employed at the stated company.

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