Amber Smith

Amber Smith

Vice President, Small Business and Mid-Market Sales

For more than 15 years, Amber Smith has held various roles within Sales, Marketing, and Revenue Operations teams focused on bringing data to the forefront in order to drive predictability so an organization can plan for growth and execute on that strategy.

At InsideView, she sets strategy and manages sales for the Small Business and Mid Market Segments, which include both Account Executive and Account Management teams. Amber, who has held many revenue-related roles since she started at InsideView, has a deep understanding of InsideView and its customers, and is known for her ability to coach her people to close through consultative selling. She is also a master of analysis, using data to understand her business and guide decisions.

Prior to InsideView, Amber spent time at Glassdoor, ClearSlide, and the YMCA of Greater New York, among others.

Amber holds a BA in Global Marketing from the University of Redlands.