Part of our job here at InsideView is to receive the most relevant and up-to-date knowledge about sales. Why? Because we love to know the in’s and the out’s of the sales industry. With today’s generation, knowledge is being passed around through networks like never seen before, most notably through Twitter. We have compiled a list of 25 influential leaders in sales who are some of the key distributors of rich, knowledgable content in the world of sales. If you are in sales and have a Twitter account, there is no question you should be following all 25 of these people. [The list provided is not in any specific order. I think all of these people are equally #awesome]

  1. Anneke Seley – @annekeseley
  2. Trish Bertuzzi – @bridgegroupinc
  3. Joanne Black – @ReferralSales
  4. Sam Richter – @SamRichter
  5. Jill Konrath – @jillkonrath
  6. John Barrows – @KenseiJB
  7. Kendra Lee – @KendraLeeKLA
  8. Josiane Feigon – @JosianeFeigon
  9. Barbara Giamanco – @barbaragiamanco
  10. Nigel Edelshain – @nedelsha
  11. Nancy Nardin – @sellingtools
  12. Don F. Perkins – @donfperkins
  13. Paul McCord – @paul_mccord
  14. Tibor Shanto – @TiborShanto
  15. Gary Hart – @SalesDuJour
  16. Gerhard Gschwandtner – @gerhard20
  17. John Cousineau – @jcousineau
  18. Kenneth Darryl Brown – @KenE3C
  19. Pelin Thorogood – @PelinT
  20. S. Anthony Iannarino – @iannarino
  21. Eric Blumthal – @EricBlumthal
  22. Doyle Slayton – @SalesBlogcast
  23. David A. Brock – @davidabrock
  24. Miles Austin – @milesaustin
  25. Mark Hunter – @TheSalesHunter
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