by Éole

Often times salespeople fall into a rhythm where sales seem to come their way with nearly every call they make or potential client that comes their way. It’s a phenomenal feeling, however like the great game of baseball, slumps come and go along with these hot streaks as well. Don’t be discouraged though, like the great Yogi Berra once said: “Slump? I ain’t in no slump. I just ain’t hittin’.” If you’re one of those people just not quite hittin’ right now, maybe it’s time you start switching up some techniques and fall back into a smooth rhythm. Here are 20 posts you should read from some of the best-known experts in sales.

  1. How to Shorten Your Customers Buying Cycle! – Robert J. Weese
  2. How to Bypass the Gatekeeper – Joanne Black; No More Cold Calling 
  3. How to Write a Sales Territory Plan – Ron Snyder; Selling Power Blog
  4. Training for Sales Enablement Success –  Anneke Seley
  5. 9 Strategies for Selling Smarter – Geoffrey James; Sales Machine
  6. Celebrity Lessons in Selling –
  7. Our Favorite Apps for the Mobile Sales Force – Lauren Carlson
  8. Ever Wondered About the Secrets to Prospecting Success?Jill Konrath
  9. Want better sales performance? It’s about time. – John Cousineau; Amacus
  10. A Method to Consistently Achieve the Most Difficult Sales GoalsJon Gilge
  11. Sales Tips for Your Website – David Leonhart
  12. Sales Tip: The Social Graph is Your Friend – Nigel Edelshain; Sales 2.0
  13. What Makes a Good Salesperson? Answering the Impossible Question
  14. A Powerful Sales Technique Courtesy of Honest Abe – Jeff Beals; Salesopedia  
  15. Preparing for Sales Success [Video] – Tibor Shanto; Sell Better Blog
  16. Six Reasons Why Sales Managers Fail – Gil Cargil; Eyes on Sales
  17. Distinguishing The Characteristics of the Most Successful Salespeople
  18. Deciding: The Salesperson’s Very First Step in SellingSkip Anderson
  19. The Two Most Powerful Words in Sales – Lee Salz; Sales Journal 
  20. What Should I say When the Customer Calls And He’s Mad As Hell?Jeffrey Gitomer