2014: The Year of CRM Intelligence

As we head into 2014 I am sure of one thing: CRM Intelligence is making a name for itself. Tens of thousands of companies have realized that success is fueled by a CRM process that employs market insight, accurate company data, and customer intelligence. The days of blazing through volumes of generic outreach and uninformed calls are over.

Looking Forward With InsideView

Especially over the last year, we have seen unprecedented change in the B2B marketing and sales process. The CMO and VP of Sales are inextricably tied together by a joint requirement to meet revenue goals. What’s more, buyers expect sales and marketing people to understand their business and its needs – before they strike up a conversation. Marketing and sales cannot survive these expectations without an intelligent CRM workflow at their fingertips providing accurate prospect and customer information. This is CRM Intelligence – the new lifeblood of marketing and sales.

InsideView Encourages Industry Growth

InsideView is proud to have led the market through this evolution, and we will continue to be the industry’s most progressive innovator. While the advent of CRM Intelligence is remarkable, and is already delivering tremendous results, we believe the CRM industry is still in the early stages of what is possible.

Anticipate broader adoption of advanced data science that delivers company and contact data accurately, and in real time. Not only will private connection networks continue to expand, they will also offer greater access to prospects via professional and social connections, customer referrals and partner relationships. Insights about industries, market trends and companies will empower customer-facing employees so that they may offer relevant services and products at the most appropriate times. Marketing, sales, and even customer service professionals, will engage customers by presenting a clear understanding of customers’ business needs. This is the foundation of CRM intelligence.

The advancement of CRM Intelligence plays a critical role in finding buyers, winning deals and growing accounts. At InsideView, we are both excited about and dedicated to increasing the quality and quantity of the intelligence available to customer-facing employees, as they comprise the revenue engine of today’s B2B companies.

This year promises to be an impactful one for the CRM industry. CRM Intelligence is here!

On behalf of the InsideView team, we wish you a successful and fiery 2014.

Umberto Milletti
CEO | InsideView