We’ve fallen in love with our virtual assistants – Cortana, Siri, Alexa, and “Hey Google.” We use them in our homes, our cars, and when we’re out and about with friends. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a virtual assistant that would help sellers do their jobs?  Wait..there is. It’s the Relationship Assistant for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and InsideView is proud to be the first partner to integrate our intelligence into it.

What is the Relationship Assistant?

The Relationship Assistant uses artificial intelligence (AI) to track and analyze your daily activities, opportunities, and communications, and suggests actions to take in the form of action cards. When you log into CRM, you see a carousel of action cards for the day displayed in order of priority. You can choose to take action, discard, or snooze. When you take action, and as you move through Dynamics 365, you receive additional action cards based on exactly what you’re doing right then and there.  

The assistant reminds you of upcoming activities, suggests things that might need your attention, and alerts you to opportunities and threats. The action cards provide summary information, links to related records, and actions for quick response.


  1. Summary content
  2. Actions
  3. Snooze
  4. Dismiss





Why Relationship Assistant is a must-have for smart sellers

1. Helps you prioritize

The Relationship Assistant helps you solve one of your biggest headaches – knowing what to focus on first. Have a large opportunity coming due? Owe someone a proposal? Or perhaps a sales development rep just opened an opportunity for one of your targeted accounts?  These important items need your prompt attention and Relationship Assistant makes sure they are top of mind.

2. Saves you time

No need to search for the documents and information you need to complete these activities. You can rely on the Relationship Assistant to put everything you need right in front of you. Need to open the opportunity? Just click on the link. Want to re-read a related email? The link is right there. Multiply that over and over by the number of activities throughout your day and then consider the extra selling time you’ll gain with the Assistant doing your busy work.

3. Prevents unpleasant surprises

Imagine being questioned by your boss for missing a proposal due date. Or worse, losing an opportunity because you forgot to answer a prospect’s question. Perhaps you don’t need to imagine it. Ouch! The Relationship Assistant can make sure these unpleasant surprises are a thing of the past by reminding you of critical due dates… without your having to set up reminders or to-do lists.

4. Keeps you a step ahead of the competition

When a key account or prospect experiences a major business event, such as being acquired or acquiring another company. This can represent a potential loss or an opportunity to grow your business. If you know about it before your competition, you can reach out first to provide a solution, make a sale, grow the account, or prevent a loss.   

5. Goes where you go   

The Relationship Assistant is as mobile as you are. In fact, it’s even more central to the mobile experience than on your desktop. When you log into the Dynamics 365 app, you are greeted with your action cards. Imagine this. You have an appointment in 30 minutes? See who’s attending, open the related opp, send an email to attendees, or get a map and directions.

These are just a few examples of how the Relationship Assistant can make your life easier and propel your success.

At InsideView, we’ve been using AI since our inception to aggregate, analyze, and validate data and insights. We use it to know which insights to deliver, where, and when. Today, we’re pleased to extend our use of AI as the first partner to integrate into Dynamics 365 Relationship Assistant. InsideView data and insights have been embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and CRM Online since 2013. What makes this new integration exciting is how it surfaces the insights. The assistant pushes the information into the forefront of the seller’s workflow. And it goes a step further by suggesting actions based on those insights.  

For more information about Relationship Assistant and our integration with it, you can read our press release, contact insights@insideview.com, or visit us at CRMUG Summit, booth 427, next week.