Social marketing has created the biggest buzz in marketing in the last decade. It’s a no brainer; everyone benefits from it – mega conglomerates to mom and pop shops. Have you knocked the socks off social media as we all know it?

If your answer to that question is yes, then carry on with your day. We’re writing for those of us who could use a pointer or two on how to knock social media out of the park.

If your answer to that question is no, then why aren’t you? Why does your social marketing fall flat on its face? Any of the 5 following problems could tank your marketing efforts: not enough quality content, fail to focus on lead generation, a poor website, not understanding client side issues, and failure to make your business exciting.

Poor Content
If your marketing copy doesn’t grab the attention of your prospect from the very first sentence, your message will probably end up in the recycling bin before your prospect reads the second sentence. In the digital age, content is so prolific that no one could read it all in their lifetime. You need to make yours worth reading. Entice your prospects with something of value or you’ll lose them.

Inability to Generate Leads
Sometimes, great content gets shared, but does not generate sales. Do you measure quality of content by volume of shares or by volume of leads? If you develop content purely for brand engagement, you’re missing an opportunity. Content marketing with social media allows marketers to build brand awareness and engagement at the same time they generate leads. Construct your content to collect leads. Build in forms, develop and track a clear click-through path, and position your message in a way that makes it imperative for the reader to get your product to take care of this important problem. And most importantly, always include a single, concise call to action.

A Poor Website
If you have a great sales pitch and a social media delivery system that gets people excited and generates clicks, you need to have a website that offer consistent quality. If your website is cluttered, outdated or hard to navigate, all the work you’ve done getting the prospect to your page isn’t going to matter. As soon as something becomes hard to do, the Internet savvy client will look for an easier way to do it, and your competitors will be the first to offer it to them.

Client Side Issues
Sometimes everything looks great on the server end of things, but when computer code is translated to a new format, it might look a bit different. It is important that you take the time to look at how all of your content looks on multiple platforms. Check websites and html emails in all of the major mobile and traditional web browsers (firefox, internet explorer, chrome, opera, safari, etc.). The quality of your content is immaterial if your prospects can’t read it.

Boring Your Customer to Death
You could produce a powerhouse of consistently high-quality content, but at the end of the day, we all need a break from the monotony of our routines every once in a while. Make your content entertaining, and if you can’t think of anything particularly clever, say something funny every once in a while. Tweet memes that make you laugh. Some marketing copy is full of great facts and fantastic reasons to buy, but if it doesn’t sound fun or exciting, it’s not going to make a sale. Encourage your prospects to have fun with your brand. Most of us have to work, so we should have some fun doing it. Provide that fun, and your prospects will keep coming back to you.