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If you use SalesView you’ll soon notice some pretty big changes to the way it looks and feels. What might not be as evident is how much these updates will help you do your job better. Our new design has been optimized so you can:

  1. Focus on what’s important with our new streamlined UI
  2. Get the job done quicker with fewer clicks
  3. Get more information where you need it
  4. Discover SalesView’s powerful features with ease
  5. Get the help you need at the right time

Focus on what’s important with our new streamlined UI

Information that rarely changes for companies has been streamlined to take up less space, leaving more room for up-to-date agent news results.

New Company Details Page

Current Company Details Page

A 400-pixel height option for most CRM Mash-ups means less scrolling to get the information you need.

Get the job done quicker with fewer clicks

The persistent “Recently Viewed” pane allows you to easily get back to companies and now people too.

"Recently Viewed" Sidebar

Our mash-up is optimized for productivity so there’s less reason to leave your CRM Application. You can see below that company details now expand inline rather than opening in another window.

Information agent news articles load on-demand for increased performance. Unnecessary connections information was removed from the Watchlist to also help performance and make the list easier to scan.

Comparatively the current Watchlist loads all of the underlying data at once and shows less information when collapsed than the new version.

Current Watchlist

Get more information where you need it

We’ll show you twitter activity for contacts when it’s available while viewing these people in our Product and CRM Application Mash-up

In-product integration

Twitter Integration - Contact Details - Product

Mash-up integration

More company financial and industry information is available on-demand.

Discover SalesView’s powerful features with ease.

New users will immediately realize the benefits of SalesView by receiving alerts for pre-determined companies. Our CRM Application Mash-up now includes access to useful features you might not know we have such as finding prospects.

The simplified and in-context alert settings make it easier to understand and modify your options.

New Design

Alert Settings

Current Design

The new home page acts as a launch pad for key functionality.

Home - Launch Pad

Get the help you need at the right time

The In-context informational pop-ups help you understand how to use features.

In-product training and contextual training links on the sidebar make it easy to learn SalesView’s features.

Training Links Sidebar

These features will become available in the next couple of versions of SalesView. The designs are subject to change before the features are released.

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Beth Goldman
Manager of User Experience