We have seen a great response to a series of posts by Umberto Milletti the CEO of InsideView. Starting with a post from September where he discussed the difference between sales data and sales intelligence. He explained that Customer 2.0 is much more internet savvy than most companies want to believe and therefore companies need to rethink the way they attract and nurture new prospects. Sales people that used to rely only on data (company name, revenue, size…) are falling behind companies that have learned how to harness this data and turn it into actionable intelligence.[tweetmeme source= “insideview” only_single=false]

In a recent post on Social Media B2B by Umberto following along this topic he goes one step further to explain how a companies CRM should be playing a larger role in sales enablement. A companies entire sales methodology needs to make a shift to include intelligence from social media into driving more revenue.

I believe social intelligence, integrated into the CRM workflow, has the opportunity to move CRM beyond its current limited application (and thus adoption) into a highly effective customer engagement platform, and in the process transform selling as we know it.

InsideView is determined on building products for sales people and companies that can make this transition easier. Sales teams that have relevant information right in their face through the CRM they are already accustomed to using makes dealing with Customer 2.0 a lot more seamless. You can learn more by downloading a free copy of SalesView or watching one of our SalesView demonstrations.