If you sell technology or technology services you know that one of the best ways to identify and sell to a target account is to know about the technology they already have. Whether you sell to companies where your technology complements theirs, or replaces a competitive technology, knowing what’s installed ahead of time puts you ahead of the game.

Information about a company’s installed software and hardware is called technographic data and, as of today, InsideView offers the most complete and insightful technographic data and intelligence available anywhere. Now you can target more precisely, sell more efficiently, and improve win rates with integrated technographic profiles for millions of additional companies and 15,000 front-end and back-end technologies — five times more than our previous technographic offering. 

All this new technographic data comes as part of InsideView merging into the Demandbase family. Our sister company, DemandMatrix, leads the industry in technographic data and we’ve taken their inside knowledge on millions of accounts and fully integrated it into our product line.

You can now get our enhanced technographic data to build new market segments, look for new prospects, prioritize sales and marketing initiatives and resources, or hire new technology talent. In short, you can get the technographic inside scoop on millions of companies to narrow your playing field down to those buyers most likely to buy, initiatives most likely to succeed, and recruiting most likely to bear fruit. 

Deriving insights from technographic data

Having access to technographic data enables you to zero in on companies most likely to need your technology or service. For example, if your product only works with specific customer relationship management (CRM) systems, wouldn’t it be great to know which companies use that system and which ones don’t? 

That’s what technographic data tells you. It points you to the companies you should be targeting and helps you eliminate those you shouldn’t waste time on. When you combine firmographic data — i.e., company size, location, industry, etc. — with technographic data, you know exactly who your ideal targets are. Then layer on intent data that tells you when your targets are “in market,” and you know not only the right targets, but also the right time to reach out. 

Back to technographic data. It also enables you to identify gaps in a prospect’s technology that you may be able to fill. For example, if you are a marketing automation provider and you find companies without a marketing automation solution, and whose past technology adoption makes them likely to need one, those are companies you may want to focus on if they meet the other characteristics of your ideal customer profile (ICP).

Beyond finding the right targets, technographic data helps marketers customize their outreach and sellers become more than simply a vendor. Imagine walking in and being able to provide guidance about your prospect’s existing tech stack. That elevates you to trusted advisor status in an instant. When you have that kind of insight and ability to advise, you increase your win rates, deal sizes, and customer lifetime value. 

And speaking of value, sellers and marketers see significant ROI from using technographic data and intelligence:

  • Up to 3x higher response rates to demand generation programs
  • Up to 78% more cost-effective spend due to more targeted outreach
  • Up to 51% higher likelihood by sales to establish successful contact with targeted prospects
  • Up to 57% decrease in time to close new deals

Getting the best data your way

We’re convinced that we now offer our customers the best technographic data on the planet, and it’s  integrated across the entire InsideView product line. 

You can filter by technographics when building market segments in InsideView Apex and creating prospect lists with InsideView Target and InsideView Insights. Accounts and leads can be enriched with technographics using InsideView Data Integrity and InsideView APIs. And you can see complete technographic profiles for your accounts within InsideView Insights.

You can also get technographic profiles for up to 82 million domains in an offline file, providing three to five times more data than any other technographics provider.

Need even more granular insights? Contact us and our Professional Services team can create customized technographic intelligence based on new, innovative data sets that are not available from any other provider — IT spend, revenue potential, next technology purchase, ISV/SI intelligence, and trending technology skills. Imagine the possibilities.

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