Forrester Research releases first B2B Marketing Data Providers Wave

Forrester Research just released the first ever B2B Marketing Data Providers Wave, and as a marketer I’m personally psyched. They’ve done the heavy lifting for us in reviewing the top data vendors and how they measure up. We’ve licensed the full report to help you, here

I’m looking at this report in two ways — first as CMO of InsideView (I’ll talk about how we rank later in this blog) and second as a marketer with data problems of my own. I believe this report will have significant impact on the market. Why? Forrester’ states in its report, The Forrester Wave™: B2B Marketing Data Providers, Q3 2018, that “basic data maintenance is a significant problem for B2B marketers. Only 12% of B2B marketers have high confidence in the accuracy of the data they manage, and 84% say that the accuracy of marketing data was one of their top five weaknesses”!

How did this happen? I can remember when the top weakness of a marketing team was lead quantity, or brand awareness, or competitive differentiation. Data strategy was something IT stressed about. But now, marketing’s scope has expanded way beyond the top-of-funnel obsession of yesterday. We’re thinking through our ideal customer profile, defining our addressable market, making hard choices about what accounts to target, and generally driving the go-to-market strategy of our companies. Enter the obsession with our data.

Finally, us marketers have an authoritative report to rely on. Thank you, Forrester, for doing the heavy lifting. Now, marketers can use this report to help us think through our data strategy, build requirements, and create the best list of vendor partners to fulfill our needs.

How did InsideView measure up?

I’m proud of our position in this report. We received the top position in current offering category, and the highest score possible (5 out of 5) in the sales support criteria. “The company’s legacy of support for sellers is evident in its advanced features for territory planning and management, prospecting, and direct customer engagement.” We also received for the highest score possible in the data security and privacy, and integrations and APIs criteria — especially key criteria for enterprise companies.

The Wave process is quite rigorous for the vendors participating, including a detailed evaluation checklist, specific demo scenarios, reference checking, and structured rounds of feedback. The criteria is grouped into three key areas:

  1. Current offering
  2. Strategy (go to market and product roadmap)
  3. Market presence (top-line revenue and size of customer base)

Rather than editorialize on InsideView’s status as a “Strong Performer”, I’ll just quote directly from the report:

InsideView offers advanced features for strategic go-to-market planning. InsideView delivers a comprehensive set of solutions for marketing, sales, and data management use cases. The company’s legacy of support for sellers is evident in its advanced features for territory planning and management, prospecting, and direct customer engagement. InsideView offers differentiated capabilities for account and contact selection as well as comprehensive reporting and analytics functionality. InsideView’s Apex offering provides advanced capabilities for go-to-market planning, including data visualizations for ICP and TAM modeling and ongoing penetration analysis. Customer references said Apex was a useful tool for strategic planning and helped create alignment with senior executives in sales, corporate development, and product marketing. Customer references praised the company’s data-as-a-service licensing model as more flexible than the traditional contact/credit model. InsideView holds five patents.

InsideView does not provide digital device/identification data (e.g., cookies and/or IP addresses) to enable or facilitate activation. InsideView is a best fit for B2B marketers who need a comprehensive solution covering marketing, sales, and data maintenance use cases and want to elevate their role in go-to-market strategy and planning.

I hope you find this report as useful as I do. To download the full report, The Forrester Wave: B2B Marketing Data Provider, Q3 2018 click here.