One of the more popular features of our application is being able to search of contacts based on social media platforms. InsideView for sales already shows you the social networks that your contacts are associated with but being proactive and searching for them is a different story. This is more important than just gathering basic information or contact data because social media allows you to connect and follow your customers and prospects in a new way using sales intelligence. [tweetmeme source= “insideview” only_single=false]

From the “Find Prospects” tab you can switch to “Contacts List” and plug in the title of the people you are looking for. After setting up the search to narrow down your results based on territory or other factors, choose to only show contacts on Twitter. Sure this may be a small list of people compared to all available but knowing who is actively on Twitter will pay off down the road because you can start to engage with them outside of traditional email and voice mails. This was recently posted about in Real World Social Selling as a key reason one of our customers continues to use InsideView.