It seems like just yesterday we announced InsideView Apex, the first executive decision engine that helps B2B companies plan, execute, and optimize their go-to-market strategies. Today we’re excited to announce a significant enhancement for InsideView Apex – the addition of intent data as another important signal to help business leaders identify ideal prospects and market opportunities.  

InsideView has teamed up with Bombora, the leading provider of B2B intent data, to bring this additional signal to our platform. Bombora aggregates the largest source of B2B intent signals, analyzing content consumption across a cooperative data network of thousands of B2B websites. By understanding which companies are more interested in specific topics, Bombora’s data identifies prospects that have displayed a strong indicator of purchase intent.  

How does intent data help InsideView Apex customers?

We see two primary use cases.

  • Wide to Narrow: Further refine a list of ideal prospects based on those showing intent to buy
  • Narrow to Wide: Create a list of buyers already in the market and then find more prospects with similar characteristics

Let’s explore each further.

Refine your ABM or other targeted list

InsideView Apex starts by having you create an ideal customer profile (ICP) using either an interactive wizard or by uploading a list of your best customers. It then analyzes your list of customers for common characteristics to infer your ICP. Next, InsideView Apex discovers more look-alike accounts and new market segments that have characteristics similar to your ICP.  From this, you can generate an account-based marketing (ABM) list or targeted market segment.

Once you’ve created a list or segment, you can narrow it further by overlaying Bombora’s Company Surge™ intent data to discover which of those prospects are currently in the market for a solution similar to yours.  Those will be your top priority prospects.

Grow your addressable market with more targets that look like active buyers

On the flip side, you can start with a very focused list of prospects who you know are actively looking for solutions like yours. But suppose you want a larger pool of high-probability prospects to target.  

InsideView Apex can start with the list of prospects already showing intent to buy and analyze their characteristics to define an ideal customer profile (ICP). InsideView Apex then helps you discover more similar ideal prospects and expand your total addressable market.

Hyper focus with 4,000+ intent topics

Bombora monitors activity on more than 4,000 intent topics, so you can differentiate between buyers in the market for digital fabrication versus pre-fabrication, corporate retreats versus conferences, or iOS apps versus iOS app marketing.

The holy grail of sales and marketing is to target the right buyers with the right message at exactly the right time. InsideView has been helping leading businesses do that since 2005. Today, together with Bombora, we can help you do that with even greater precision.

Opportunity for charter customers

We are currently working with a few charter customers who have shown early interest in intent data and would welcome a few more. If you are interested in being considered, please contact us at