Today is a huge day for InsideView, and for the Sales and Marketing technology sector. We have agreed to join Demandbase, the leading B2B account-based solutions platform, to transform the way B2B companies go to market. 

Fifteen years ago, we founded InsideView with the idea that smarter sellers close more deals. We expanded that vision to empower marketers with the data to better target and message their prospects, and fill their funnels. Today, Sales and Marketing intelligence have become a must-have for B2B companies.

Two technology leaders joining forces.

For the first time, a leader in marketing technology and a leader in B2B data are combining forces to give customers a breadth of offerings beyond anything available in the market today.

InsideView will be a business unit of Demandbase, continuing to bring you the same sales intelligence, data management, and high-quality data you’ve come to rely on us for. With more scale and financial strength, we will be able to accelerate our investment in the InsideView products and services to better serve our current and future customers. 

For years, I’ve been working with marketing and sales leaders who struggle with orchestrating disparate technologies and processes. Many of our customers have mentioned that they want more flexible options for integrating data and workflows across go-to-market solutions. This need is even more intense given the acceleration of digital over the past year. Our announcement today provides an answer for that need. Today we take the convergence of data and workflow to the next level. 

Our new suite will address four big needs for customers.

We are bringing together the best in class and market leaders in sales intelligence, B2B data, account-based technology, and B2B advertising. All four capabilities will be available in the Demandbase One B2B Go-To-Market Suite

As an InsideView customer, you will have access to the new suite to:

  • Design and orchestrate your entire buyer journey across marketing and sales 
  • Personalize your website experience, track account level engagement, and attribute revenue
  • Deliver account-based display, native, and social media advertising that is brand safe for B2B 
  • Target and segment your market using advanced technographics and predictive purchase data

As part of today’s news, Demandbase has also agreed to acquire DemandMatrix, the leader in technographic data. 

Together, InsideView, Demandbase, and DemandMatrix form the most comprehensive B2B data cloud in the market with an unmatched collection of customer data. Now, you’ll be able to pair our AI-based data platform and industry-leading firmographic and contact data with leading technographic, intent, and account ID data for more targeted, impactful campaigns. You’ll still be able to keep your data clean and fresh with our reliable data management solutions. These five key types of B2B data and InsideView data integrity will make up the new Data Cloud, one of the four clouds available on Demandbase One.

For more information about the merging of our companies visit:

I want to thank the InsideView team, our investors, and all of our partners and customers who helped bring InsideView to this next evolution.

I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished. We are excited for this new chapter, and InsideView’s vision and mission haven’t changed. Customers are still our number one priority. We will continue to help companies drive revenue growth using data-fueled strategies, now as part of Demandbase, with the industry’s best B2B go-to-market solutions.