If we seem to have our head in the Cloud today, it’s for good reason.  Amazon Web Services (AWS) welcomed InsideView into the AWS Partner Network (APN) as one of only a handful of partners who earned their latest competency status – AWS Digital Customer Experience (DCX) Competency status.   

This means that InsideView delivers AWS-based solutions proven to solve a spectrum of sales and marketing challenges – what AWS refers to as the digital customer acquisition and retention life cycle. And we demonstrated specialized AWS technical proficiency – a fact we’re quite proud of. You can read more about the announcement in their blog and our press release.

If you’re an AWS shop – or moving to AWS – and looking for complementary business solutions that have been vetted by AWS, this is your lucky day. AWS established the AWS Competency Program to help customers identify Consulting and Technology APN Partners with deep industry experience and expertise. This latest DCX Competency program makes it easy for you to find reliable AWS-based digital sales and marketing solutions, such as you’ll find at InsideView. Learn more.

But today is not the beginning of our relationship with AWS. It started in 2010, when we opened our first AWS account and started experimenting with the Cloud.

In 2013, we launched our first AWS customer-facing app and fully committed to the Cloud in 2016, when we turned off our co-located data center. By then we were running our entire data platform and product line on AWS, processing 10 times our previous data volume at 1000 times the velocity and with 5 times the data variety.  

And though AWS was the only choice in 2010, it was an excellent choice for us.  AWS provides the capacity we need to handle enormous volumes of data at scale, plus the flexibility to deploy new applications and features quickly. Exactly what we were looking for.

What’s in it for you?  Our reliance on AWS means you don’t need to sift through endless amounts of data and buying signals to understand who you should target and how to engage your prospective customers. You can rely on us to do that for you. We continuously aggregate, triangulate, and validate data and insights from more than 40,000 sources, leveraging artificial intelligence and AWS, so you can have actionable intelligence delivered into your workflow – in real-time.  It means where once we offered a single sales solution, now you enjoy continuous product improvements with monthly releases, and you have a choice of solutions that range from go-to-market planning to sales and marketing acceleration, and customer data management.