The first quarter of 2021 has ushered in exciting new product enhancements that are helping our customers save time and drive more revenue. Here’s a recap in case you missed the Inside Scoop. (Subscribe here to receive future editions.) 

100 Million Milestone 

Last year we were busy validating and adding droves of new contacts to our database in response to popular demand. As of Q1 2021, our customers can now access 100 million contacts from around the world using any of our products. This is a 3X increase in contact volume over the past year, while maintaining our industry-leading accuracy.

InsideView: 100M Contacts

Multi-Sync Companies and People into CRM 

Coming March 27, you’ll be able to sync (aka export) multiple companies, contacts, and leads into Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 from InsideView Insights in a single click.

InsideView MultiSync Feature

You can bulk export companies from list build results, family trees, global search, and the browser extension.  Contacts and leads can be exported in bulk from the people tab, global search, and browser extension, in addition to list build results.

This highly anticipated enhancement allows you to create new records and update existing records. And your account admin has the control and flexibility to set field update rules and bulk export settings for your account, contact, and lead objects. 

Zero in on new prospects

When your goal is to grow your account-based marketing, key account, or target list, you want to zero in quickly on net new companies and people who are not already in your CRM. Now you can. Whether you’re looking at individual records in InsideView, a family tree, or list build results, you’ll be able to quickly spot the new accounts and contacts. They’re the ones without the green checkmark, which indicates records already in your CRM. 

Browser Extension for Chrome and Edge

Many customers are still discovering the browser extension that we launched for InsideView Insights late last year. That’s why we’re highlighting it again this quarter to get the good word out. 

This has been a huge hit with customers and the single reason for many to become new InsideView customers. Imagine being able to access InsideView’s full data set wherever you browse and then sync it into CRM in a single click. 

Imagine no more. It’s now reality.

InsideView browser extension works with LinkedIn

Where do you do your prospecting and account research? Do you go straight to company websites? You can access InsideView there. Do you use LinkedIn? You can tap into InsideView there to find email addresses, direct phone numbers, and more, and add it all into your CRM. And of course you can still access InsideView within all major CRMs.

Download the browser extension from the Chrome store. It also works in Edge.

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