One of the best things about working at InsideView is the sheer level of talent we are surrounded by every day. We know it, but it’s even more gratifying when that talent is recognized by a third party. I’m so happy to announce that two of our sales stars were named finalists in the Women in Sales Awards (WISA) for North America. Kelsey Carricato, our Director of Sales and Business Development, and Valerie Ochoa, our Sales Development Team Lead both made it to the final stage of this national recognition.

InsideView was founded as a sales intelligence company. We have sales in our bones. And we take sales and sales leadership seriously, making us doubly proud of the accomplishments of these two incredible team members.

It’s no coincidence that Kelsey and Val work together on our sales development team. At InsideView we view sales development as a strategic advantage, or as Kelsey likes to put it, our “strategic sales superpower.” SDRs build the foundational pipeline for our account execs, and Kelsey and Val have worked closely together to build one of the best SDR teams in the business. 

Kelsey is a finalist for Best Sales Director. She has elevated the sales development rep (SDR) team at InsideView from the standard spray and pray inside sales team to a tight-knit engine that not only creates the majority of the company’s pipeline, but launches careers. Many members of her SDR team have been promoted to positions within the InsideView sales, CSM, and professional services organizations, and gone on to careers at other companies. 

In 2020, the pandemic took one of Kelsey’s most important tools from her — the in-office family feeling that helped motivate her team. So Kelsey and Val got to work creating touch points to simulate those important bonds and team-building activities. For example, the team increased the frequency of giving kudos in team meetings. As a ritual, team members thank each other for great work, team collaboration, and acts of service.

For a glimpse into just a piece of who Kelsey is, see this video she created to express her appreciation for her team. (Yes, she had that SDRLAND neon sign custom made!)

Kelsey is committed to increasing diversity in tech, and is an advocate for sourcing talent from organizations such as SV Academy and Televerde through which InsideView has hired sales candidates from diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, as well as the incarcerated. Valerie Ochoa is one incredible example. 

Val is a finalist for Best Inside Sales. She is a true inspiration and leader. As SDR Team Lead, Valerie helps coach and guide our very successful SDR team here at InsideView. She’s known within the company for her commitment to our customers. She also personally inspires many in our company with her story of perseverance and dedication. 

We met Valerie through Televerde, an organization that offers employment and skills training to incarcerated women. Valerie joined the InsideView Televerde team through a third-party contractor, and through the program she discovered she was very talented at sales. For 3.5 years she worked, trained, and set her mind to learning everything she could to succeed, taking on team leadership responsibilities, training all new hires, and managing lead flow for the broader team, while exceeding her personal pipeline goals. When she was released, there was no question that a job at InsideView would be waiting for her. 

Valerie gave a TED Talk on her story called “Living Breathing ROI.

Since coming on full time at InsideView, Valerie has exceeded all expectations, consistently achieving top performer status, generating millions in pipeline, and mentoring others to do the same while meeting or exceeding her goals quarter after quarter. She recently won a Diversity and Inclusion scholarship from Gong to work on her sales management and leadership certification. 

In addition to all this, Valerie is an advocate for disenfranchised communities to promote diversity in the workforce, speaking on panels and working with a number of organizations using her own story to inspire others.

We are extremely fortunate to have both of these hardworking, inspirational women leaders as part of our sales team at InsideView. Congratulations to both Kelsey and Val for achieving this honor and thank you for your remarkable work.