If you are in a leadership position for a sales team you should pay attention. Are you overseeing a team of sales professionals that have not adapted to the changing environment? You should take a look at your sales effectiveness and see if your people are tuned into sales 2.0. I know that sounds like a bold statement but I’m saying this with your company’s best interests in mind.


If you have been following trends in sales, you would know the entire paradigm of buyers and sellers has been shifting. You should give up on the cold calling techniques that were used for the past few decades and start focusing your energy on building social selling strategies for your product or service. Customers Want Your Sales Efforts to Go Social. [tweetmeme source= “insideview” only_single=false]

One of the best known ways to spread information about your company is through word of mouth and it’s more important today than it was 10 years ago. If your customers aren’t talking about your company then you might as well close up shop. You should read 5 Ways That Sales People Can Benefit From Using Social Media.

When hiring sales people, part of the experience you should be looking for in them is that are in tune with social networking and already know how to use social media. Even if it’s only on a personal level, the business translations of social media and sales run parallel.  I am a firm believer that Social Media Can Provide a Push in a B2B Sales Environment.

In addition to asking great questions to move a prospect forward, sales leaders should care if their sales team is using social media and encourage them to use it in ways that can help them individually as well as drive additional revenue for the company. There are many resources available that can give you a heads up on who is on what social media sites like this infographic.

“In just a few weeks of using SalesView, our lead generation reps went from generating 20 appointments a month to generating 70″ – Experian

Outside of making this a blog post about how much InsideView can help make your sales teams more effective and drive real, actionable intelligence into the CRM, I want sales leaders to stand up and look at their sales team. If it’s 4 sales people or 400, the reality is that if they are not conscious of the differences between sales data and sales intelligence in order to know more about their prospects and customers then you are going to lose deals to your competition.

Your sales people should be almost fanatical about your products and should be more than willing to dive into social media to connect with people that your company could help. Even if it’s just swimming in the LinkedIn pool and getting involved with a few groups, your sales people should be connecting with people on a deeper level than just treating them like a name and phone number from their CRM or Outlook contacts. As a sales person you should be working with marketing to identify where you need to be located online for these conversations. Brian Solis @briansolis wrote the 10 stages of integrating social media into a business and has a quote that I’ll have to paraphrase here “If someone says something about your company online and no one hears it, did it really happen?” The answer “Yes” and that should concern you also. Your sales people need to get more active in social media and learn to manage their territories in this new world or they will find themselves out of work.

What do you think?