Since 2016, SafeGraph has been powering innovation through greater access to geospatial data, accelerated by machine learning and artificial intelligence. These last few months, they’ve taken their data sets to a whole new level by helping researchers around the world with their response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus). By providing free access to various datasets, including social distancing and foot traffic data, they’re empowering government agencies and organizations to quickly and accurately make decisions on a day-to-day basis.

SafeGraph has rapidly formed an interdisciplinary data consortium to help researchers around the world with their response to COVID-19. Over 1,000 organizations, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), have joined the consortium so far.

Below are some examples of how organizations and researchers are using SafeGraph’s data to respond to the current health and economic crisis:

  • The CDC conducted research using SafeGraph’s social distancing data to determine the efficacy of stay-at-home orders. They found that mobility decreased in each city every time a new social distancing order was issued. This is the first early “proof” from a major government agency that shows people actually are listening to stay-at-home orders.
  • City and state governments have access to SafeGraph’s data that helps their officials across the country tailor their response efforts.
  • Researchers leverage SafeGraph data to offer new socio-economic insights on how the novel coronavirus is shaping our society.

To date, SafeGraph has shared their data with 300+ states and cities, and they are now using InsideView Target and InsideView Sales to find more organizations that could benefit from this data. Armed with these additional “prospects,” SafeGraph is actively reaching out to all U.S. government agencies (academics, non-profits, and governments) to offer their location and foot traffic data to combat COVID-19.

Source: SafeGraph. 80+ University Partners Participating in SafeGraph’s COVID-19 Consortium.

SafeGraph is transforming the world by providing better access to clean and comprehensive data for everyone, and InsideView is proud to be a partner in this endeavor.

To learn more about SafeGraph and how they are helping organizations make an impact, read their full story.