VentureBeat just published a post written by our CEO, Umberto Milletti, that was prompted when a family friend recently asked for his advice on a job offer. What made it interesting was that the offer came from a prominent East Coast tech company that had just raised a large venture capital round on a $1.5 billion valuation.

For many, that might seem like a dream come true and a sure path to early retirement. However, Umberto offers up a few things to think about before you jump at such an offer:

  • Consider that your stock options are called “options” for a reason.
  • Performance expectations are enormous for a company with such a high valuation.
  • “Investor preferences” could leave you with little to nothing, even after a big exit.

You can read the complete post on VentureBeat here, or engage with Umberto directly on Twitter at @UmbertoM. And, you can read additional posts on this topic from Heidi Roizen at Adventures in Entrepreneurship and from Dave Kellogg at Kellblog.