Our own Menno te Koppele, Sr. Product Manager, Platform, at InsideView, was recently featured on CRM Audio, The Dynamics CRM Podcast, to talk about his management of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM group on Facebook.

Profile MennoThe podcast, which is completely focused on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, is hosted by Joel Lindstrom, George Doubinski, and Shawn Tabor. In their latest episode, Menno was invited to talk about the Facebook group and provide a “scoop on what is new and exciting with InsideView,” specifically the upcoming release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s Insights 4.0, powered by InsideView.

It’s exciting to see Menno getting such recognition for his management of the group, which now has nearly 12,000 members! Menno started the group in early 2008, and has been helping to guide its members as they create a helpful and positive space for Microsoft Dynamics CRM users.

You can stream the podcast here or subscribe to it on iTunes here. Menno’s interview begins at about 31 minutes and 44 seconds into the episode.