It’s year-end and you’re planning for 2019. We hope that means you’re thinking about your data – how to source and keep clean the company and contact data that fuels your go-to-market planning, marketing campaigns, prospecting, and engagement. If you’re currently using for this, you’ll need to plan for a alternative, with the end of renewals happening mid-year.

We’ve written blogs, hosted webinars, and created a number of resources over the last several months to help you navigate your transition from to an alternative. We thought we’d consolidate all those resources here to help you in your planning.  You’ll find tips for everything from developing a data migration plan to understanding your choices for alternatives. Replacement Resources

The Sound of Success: What Customers Are Saying

We get it.  The thought of having to migrate from one solution to another is rarely pleasant, but we’ve helped other customers smoothly make this transition and we’re here to help you.  Hear what some of our customers have said.

“Clean and accurate data helped us fill in the gaps. After an initial data assessment, we discovered that a lot of our customer records were old and stale. InsideView helped us clean and update our account data, which meant our CRM would have cleaner records too. With up-to-date firmographic data, we now have more accurate account reports in Salesforce. Would recommend InsideView to all teams looking for a reliable data partner.”

Nadia Gainsbourg

AppExchange, Jul 06, 2018

“Flexible, time-saving, clean-data. We moved off of a competing solution that was more costly and had less flexibility. With this product you decide your threshold and can set it and forget it. Remember to turn on all of your field tracking on any fields that get appended by tools like this.”

Alek Milovidov

AppExchange, Jun 26, 2018

“Good product that has good customer support. My company used to have a similar tool that worked poorly, after contacting 10+ vendors, conducted a sample test, and 2 reference calls, we decided to go with InsideView based on cost, accuracy, and the flexibility of integration. I have a very good experience using it, and since we implemented InsideView, our customer data fill rate and accuracy increased by 270% and 23%.”

Jiayi Liao

AppExchange, Jun 29, 2018

We’d love to hear what you’ve found helpful in planning for your replacement. Please comment below.