Tracking large companies as a sales person is not an easy task. If you’re targeting a large software company as a sales prospect you could spend days or weeks trying to find out who you need to speak with that can make a decision and even longer doing the pre-call research to get an idea of how to position yourself. [tweetmeme source= “insideview” only_single=false]Nothing hurts more than to spend any length of time getting someone on a call and then finding out from them that they just announced a series of layoffs or that the company is cutting costs because of unhappy investors.

Symantec - InsideView Blog

Now thats the bad side and as sales people we focus on the positive. Let me use Symantec (SYMC) as an example to the type of sales intelligence you could gather and help you make sure you are getting in front of the right people with the right message. Let’s say you are selling a new product designed to increase sales productivity and you want to call the Director of Inside Sales for Symantec and discuss how it can help them. Here is a copy of the Symantec Corporation listing from our InsideView Directory.

If you have InsideView installed in your CRM you can let the application do all of the leg work for you and get a wealth of information about the company without having to do any of the searching on your own. The Smart Agents tell you everything you need to know about news related to the company and executive staff and within the application you can see any of  your LinkedIn connections that you have connected to the company. Having this aggregated data from different sources injected to your CRM gives you more data than any other sales productivity application available. But it doesn’t stop there.

Having company information is great but that’s only one piece of the puzzle and you still need someone specific to contact. SalesView lets you drill in or do a search on a specific title or name and get the contact name(s) for Symantec and pin point the person you need to reach out to and even give you some initial perspective on them. SalesView lets you see that David is a Director of Inside Sales for Symantec, provides all of his contact information and even highlights some of the social networks he is a part of like Facebook and Twitter and now you know that he’s a golfer and maybe that’s how you start building rapport with him. Or you can dig in one step further and see that he recently held a summit for BizSummits that covered  “Sales Team-Motivation and Attitude Adjustments”.

Using SalesView for the aggregated sales intelligence lets a sales person know a great deal of information about a company all the way down to key decision makers in an organization. Adding in the functionality of a Social CRM lets you follow leads and contacts in more detail and get alerted to trigger events that can activate buying cycles. Having a completely integrated application pulling information form sources all over the internet is what will help you as a sales professional build your pipeline and know whats happening with your prospects and customers.