Today we proudly introduce our latest partner, Landslide Technologies. We have been working with them on a new kind of collaboration—first of all, Landslide isn’t CRM—their field is Sales Workstyle Management, which is all about filling the needs of the individual salesperson. This complements SalesView’s customizable opportunity intelligence capabilities perfectly. InsideView’s pioneering sales intelligence technology will now be bundled with Landslide’s innovative organizational framework to offer salespeople a powerful, individualized sales management experience.

Second, SalesView is now fully embedded into Landslide, so when you install the software, SalesView is automatically ready to generate actionable leads– we’re an always-on solution. We’re working on more of these partnerships, because we believe that creative thinkers in any industry—legal, financial, marketing, real estate, HR, venture capital, and more—could run with our technology. The socialprise is about to become a lot bigger.

You can read the full details of the announcement here.

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