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As the use of social media continues to scale across the sales industry, we are seeing an increasing number of examples where social Web tools are used effectively by sales professionals to create communities, spread information and drive business. We created a list to recognize sales industry professionals whose use of the social Web has really blown us away. This list of industry leaders is composed of sales executives, writers, trainers, analysts and more, all of whom are making savvy use of many of the social media tools available today, helping usher in the renaissance we like to call Sales 2.0. These are the folks, who like InsideView itself, are doing their part to deliver us to the future of the sales industry – one that is highly connected, informed and efficient.

We have continued this list from our original IV 20 because there are just too many great examples of social Web use to stop at 20. So, throughout 2010, we will continue to recognize worthy individuals and ultimately create InsideView’s top 50 sales industry social media users…stay tuned. Now, without further ado, your sales industry social media stars:

1) John Cousineau – Founder and CEO of Innovative Information

Twitter: http://twitter.com/jcousineau

More:  John is the founder and CEO of Innovative Information, makers of Amacus, a B2B sales productivity tool for Sales Reps. John specializes in B2B sales productivity and has spent over 30 years harnessing the capabilities of technology and information in ways that inform and accelerate business productivity. John regularly shares his wisdom on sales through multiple channels, including twitter and his blog.

2) Craig Rosenberg – Vice President, Products and Services at Focus

Twitter: http://twitter.com/funnelholic

More: Craig serves as VP of products and services at Focus, while also being the man behind the popular B2B sales blog www.funnelholic.com. Craig has had a wide range of sales experience having worked at over 23 startups ranging in technology verticals from storage, networking, business applications, security and infrastructure. Craig regularly posts new content to his blog, which he notes is intended for ‘those who live and work at the top end of the b2b funnel,’ if that sounds like you, check it out.

3) Miles Austin, Founder of Fill the Funnel

Twitter: http://twitter.com/milesaustin

More: As a sales professional who tweets multiple tips and resources per day, Miles knows a thing or two about sales Web tools (his company helps sales people select/implement the tools and training necessary for your team to benefit, quickly).  Check out Miles’ blog, www.fillthefunnel.com, to learn about the latest sales productivity tools.  (Full disclosure, we recently had the honor of being featured as a favorite sales intelligence tool on his blog.)

4) Craig Elias, Creator of Trigger Event Selling

Twitter: http://twitter.com/CraigElias

More: Craig’s Twitter handle share articles and resources to help sales professionals be more effective and efficient via social sales…and clever posts like “Word of Mouth on steroids.” Craig is authoring SHiFT! Harness The Trigger Events and leading the upcoming Webinar, Trigger Events: The Silver Bullet in Sales.

5) David Brock, Sales Consultant for Partners in Excellence Twitter

Twitter: http://twitter.com/davidabrock

More: David’s enthusiasm for building successful businesses and organizations is clear as he provides a consistent stream of content, enabling sales and business professionals through great information and tips about making the most out of their careers and opportunities. Be sure to tune in to his blog for his ideas…in long form.

6) Ardath Albee, B2B Marketer, Strategist, Writer, Storyteller and Author of eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale

Twitter: http://twitter.com/ardath421

More: Ardath is one of the lead generating and marketing gurus of Twitter. She shares her insight and highlights that of others on a consistent basis on Twitter, her blog and in her book – which, of course, involves best practices and tips for marketers.

7) Nigel Edelshain, CEO of Sales 2.0

Twitter: http://twitter.com/nedelsha

More: There’s a lot to live up to if you are the CEO of a company called Sales 2.0, an organization dedicated to the improvement of sales results via new and innovative Web tools. Nigel, however, lives up to the challenge by tweeting about all things Sales 2.0, including the latest news, tips and resources.

8)  Jeffrey Gitomer – Sales writer, consultant and speaker

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Gitomer

More: Jeffrey has created a veritable industry of his own within the sales industry. He has had great success in the print media world, authoring New York Times best seller books on sales strategy and effectiveness and also gives over 100 presentations per year on average on the same topics. On the social media front, Jeffrey has amassed a significant Twitter following for his short, concise sales tip tweets. He also blogs on sales topics at www.gitomer.comand www.trainone.com

9) Stephen Dill – Owner at SRD InterActive, Partner at MatchPoint

Twitter: http://twitter.com/srdill

More: Stephen refers to himself as a ‘Sales & Marketing consulting by day, reinventing public education by night.’ On the sales side, Stephen is seasoned in sales and marketing with expertise in the development and use of social media and interactive channels and their integration with traditional sales and marketing channels. Check out Stephen’s blog to read his thoughts on sales, technology and education or follow him on Twitter at http://twitter.com/srdill

10) Joe Vaughn, Sales professional and blogger

Twitter: www.twitter.com/joesales

More: Joe’s moniker, Joe Sales, sums up the feeling of the faceless salesperson, which is why it is refreshing to see that the man behind the name is so active on social media. Joe tweets insights on sales, among a range of other entertaining topics on his feed. Check him out at www.twitter.com/joesales