You know those millions of 140-character tweets taking place everyday? Organized by hashtag and searchable in real-time? Well, we’re excited to announce that as of today, those tweets are coming to the enterprise – and sales people will have the wealth of buzz generated on Twitter at their fingertips to further inform their lead and prospecting process, and ultimately close more deals.

Launched today, the SalesView Buzz tab will incorporate real-time social media monitoring on Twitter, as well as Google Blogs and, into all major CRM applications. On one (big) hand, this is a huge addition to the enterprise, finally making in-the-moment conversation a slice of the prospect snapshot that helps sales professionals do their job more efficiently. At the same time, it’s also just the next step in our “social sales” story. In fact, we’ve discussed the potential usefulness of Twitter a lot recently, and now we’ve decided it’s go time.

This morning TechCrunch’s Leena Rao – who spoke with Umberto last week and covered the news today – says, “There’s no doubt that Twitter is fast becoming a source of breaking news and information. InsideView’s service is helpful in filtering business information and news that lives on social media platforms to help enterprises create a knowledge base around a potential sales lead.”

We’re excited to bring fast, relevant and intelligent access to Twitter to salespeople. Information existing on the social Web is part racket and part resource, and enterprises need smart tools to help them navigate through this. Now, with a real-time look at not only a lead’s latest LinkedIn profile, but also their social conversation and micro-buzz activity, sales professionals can have the information they need to get in touch and close the deal.