Attendees at our Lightning Data webinar this week discovered four reasons to get excited about the hot new Salesforce Lightning Data marketplace and InsideView’s new Lightning Data app, InsideView Append. We’re thinking these same reasons might strike you as helpful, too.

1) Leading companies are shifting to targeted engagement models

If you’re in business-to-business (B2B) sales or marketing, you’ve seen the change. Buyers have become empowered with the wealth of information at their fingertips and no longer rely on sales reps to educate them about what they should buy. According to Forrester research, more than two-thirds of business buyers prefer to gather information online and are well more than halfway through their buying process before talking to a sales rep.

To grab buyers’ attention, sellers and marketers need to be highly relevant. They need to individualize their messages and time them precisely, and that requires a deep knowledge of their targets. This can’t be done in mass. Successful companies are shifting from volume-based sales and marketing to targeted approaches such as account based marketing (ABM) and are winning in a big way.

InsideView fuels targeted sales and marketing programs with Targeting Intelligence, which includes three essential components: company and contact data, news and social insights, and aggregated connections. Targeting Intelligence answers the questions of who to target, why and when to reach out, and how to engage.  And customers who use InsideView’s new Lightning Data app, InsideView Append, have access to InsideView’s comprehensive, continuously refreshed company data within their Salesforce accounts. They can use it to update and enrich their account records, to be better informed, and ultimately to target and engage prospective customers with greater insight and precision.

2) Business execs are being deliberate about targeting, as well

Business executives are also considering how to be more targeted at the macro level.  They’re asking questions like “who is our ideal customer,” “what market segments should we target,” and “are we getting the revenue we want from the right customers…customers we can retain and grow?” These questions are difficult to answer because of data silos within companies and lack of market insights. The typical company has to gather data from multiple sources and manually massage it to develop their go-to-market strategy.

InsideView Append brings market data right into Salesforce to help sales and marketing leaders plan and execute an effective go-to-market strategy.

3) Salesforce has made it easier to find and engage the right targets

With the launch of the new Lightning Data marketplace late last year, Salesforce opened a new world of possibilities for their customers, who can now choose from top data sources and niche intelligence providers. The apps, which are co-developed by Salesforce and the providers, are natively integrated into Salesforce for ease of use.

Unlike traditional data cleansing solutions, the Lightning Data Engine matches, enriches, and updates accounts as they are created or saved. No more running nightly “jobs” to clean and update records or match data manually offline.

4) Lightning Data keeps getting brighter

Lightning Data is now Salesforce’s focus for B2B data technology and products, which means they are committed to continual improvement and innovation. Things to look forward to are an enhanced matcher, more use of Einstein artificial intelligence, and contact data enrichment, expected later this year.

InsideView’s offering just expanded with the Prospecting add-on module. It enables customers to build targeted lists of net new prospects and add them into Salesforce to fill their whitespace. The new accounts come from InsideView’s continuously aggregated and validated global database of more than 13 million companies worldwide.

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