Hello Data.com customers! Have you started thinking about how you’re going to replace Data.com, now that Salesforce has announced its retirement?

Haven’t heard?  You’re not alone. We’re constantly amazed by how little awareness there is in the market about this announcement, even amongst Data.com customers. So in case you missed it, in an email to their customers, Salesforce recently announced plans to retire Data.com Clean and Data.com Prospector effective July 31, 2020 and they will not renew any Data.com contracts after July 31, 2019.

With B2B data decaying at a rate of 70% per year,* you know you need to find a Data.com replacement. So what are you doing about it…what will you do? It may seem like a daunting task, but we can help.

Here are some things to think about as you prepare to transition off Data.com.

  1. If your data has not been cleaned in awhile, how will you clean it and keep it clean? You don’t want to mix dirty data in with new, clean data.
  2. In addition to cleaning the data you have, this is a good time to ask if you have all the data you should. In other words, do you have all the prospects you should be targeting…those in your total addressable market?  If not, how will you fill that whitespace?
  3. What will you look for in a new data supplier? These are some things you might consider:
    • Does the supplier have the breadth and depth of data you need?
    • How relevant is their data for sales and marketing? Is it cluttered with lots of duplicate, out-of-date, or simply irrelevant records?  That clutter can be a time-sink to sort through.
    • How do they gather and validate their data?
    • How is the vendor rated on review sites like G2Crowd?
    • How do their current customers rate them on customer support/service?
    • How easy is it to do business with them?

InsideView is here to help you through your Data.com transition. We offer the industry’s more reliable B2B data, aggregated and validated using a proprietary AI methodology. Our data is created specifically for sales and marketing, with no extraneous clutter. And we’re the #1 rated sales intelligence app on G2Crowd.

We have data experts who can help you create a personalized data migration plan and you’ll be working with the company that earns 95%+ customer satisfaction ratings from our customers quarter after quarter.

We know change can be painful, but you’ll need to make a change soon and InsideView can make it easier. We’re offering special Data.com “Easy Switch Bundles” and a “Switch Now, Pay Later” program, so you won’t have to double pay if you still have time remaining on your Data.com contract.

Putting off finding a Data.com replacement won’t make it any easier. Start planning your Data.com migration strategy today by contacting us and mentioning “Data.com Switch.”

*Source: Biznology, B2B data decay and list rental – buyer beware!, February 13, 2015.