Practice makes perfect: How passionate salespeople polish their craft

“The younger generation — they are over Twitter, they’re over Facebook, because their parents are using it. But our customers are the parents. The executive buyers and the influencers are their parents.”

– Will Spendlove, VP Product Marketing | InsideView

Identifying winners in the sales industry isn’t hard — but putting your finger on why they are winning, not so much.

In his presentation at AA-ISP’s Inside Sales event last week, InsideView’s VP of Product Marketing, Will Spendlove, explained what makes for a successful salesperson. To successful salespeople, work is not a chore. They are passionate about selling — and what’s more, they learn from their losses, focus on improving their craft and continually build on their sales strategies. Spendlove says that for these reasons, salespeople who win actually treat work as a passion-driven hobby.

Like basketball, biking, traveling, and even wining-and-dining, sales is an art that you don’t enter blind. If you’re going to have a good time, and win, you need a strategy.

Watch Spendlove’s complete presentation — trust us, it’s charming and interesting — below!

Will Spendlove Presentation - AA-ISP

And if you’re not keen on clicking ‘play’ above, review our Cliff’s Notes version below (and the complete deck on SlideShare).

How to master prospecting: 3 strategies for succeeding in sales

Create a plan that has nothing to do with what your sales manager is asking for. This is how you will be successful. Start with data, insights, social and connections.

  • What’s your Data Strategy? Think about the different places where data sits. Where do you get your data? How do you validate and keep it current?
  • Have you thought about your Insight Strategy? You should know your customer’s business as well as they do. Do your research – what’s going on with your customer’s business right now, at this moment?
  • Do you have a Social and Connection Strategy? Your customers social. Are you matching their social style? Use social to push your personal brand. Follow your customers’ posts — these are the topics that are important to your customers. Also, what sources are you using to find connections?

Both before and after you’ve mapped out your personal sales strategy, ask yourself, “Can I make my strategy richer?” All personal sales strategies are multi-dimensional and will vary from person to person. Tell us what is working for you!