Insideview Intent Data Zero in on Buyers Shopping for What You Sell, with Buyer Intent Data

InsideView Intent

Reach out when your ideal prospects are pulling out their virtual wallets

When you know who is searching for what you sell, and they meet your other ideal customer characteristics, you’ve found the right buyer and the right moment to reach out. InsideView B2B data and intelligence — now with buyer intent data — tells you everything you need to know to drive more revenue faster by focusing on ideal buyers who are “in-market,” shortening sales cycles, and getting a jumpstart on the competition.

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Narrow your prospect pool and increase your odds of winning with intent data

Sellers and marketers, alike, increase productivity and reduce wasted time by using intent data to focus on buyers who are actively searching for products and services like you sell.


Sellers use buyer intent data to:

  • Prioritize prospects
  • Personalize your message
  • Reach buyers before the competition
  • Identify cross-sell opportunities
  • Head-off churn – when customers are researching competitors

Marketers use buyer intent data to:

  • Refine ABM, key account, and campaign lists
  • Target advertising
  • Tailor value props and messaging
  • Launch timely outbound campaigns

Get leading intent data with the best B2B data

InsideView intent data is powered by Bombora, a leading intent data provider. It’s more accurate and relevant than most other intent data offerings, because Bombora’s Company Surge™ intent data:

  • Measures consumption and engagement with content — not just exposure to it.
  • Tracks relevant business related content, not just keywords in any context.
  • Compares the current intensity of research to a historical baseline to identify when there’s a sudden increase or surge in activity, signaling a shopping event.
InsideView Best B2B Data
InsideView Intent Filters Screen

Access InsideView intent data in the tools you use everyday

InsideView intent data is integrated into our user-friendly applications so you can easily access it to:

  • Filter lists based on buyer intent signals
  • See intent data details in company records
  • Receive alerts when companies you follow increase their research activity

You’ll select relevant intent topics to track, choosing from 7,000+ and growing. (New topics can be requested and added within weeks.)

Measure the revenue impact of better sales data

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Integrated into InsideView Insights, InsideView Apex, and InsideView Target

Powered by Bombora, a leading intent data provider

Choose from 7,000+ topics across 4,300+ websites

Filter lists based on buyer intent signals

Drill into intent details; see which topics are being researched, number of topics, surge score, week-to-week score trend, and more

Receive email alerts when companies you follow increase intent activity (in future release)

Access InsideView’s world-class support

Strict data usage policy—Your data is always and only your data

ISO-security certified

As a multi-year winner of my Top Sales Tool of the Year award, InsideView is already a best choice for prospect data. Now with integrated intent data, sellers and marketers will be able to target and time their outreach even more precisely. Great move, InsideView!”

Nancy Nardin

Founder & CEO, Smart Selling Tools

The InsideView Advantage

InsideView solutions are powered by the InsideView Platform, the industry’s most reliable, relevant, and rich source of B2B data and intelligence.


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