InsideView Subprocessors

InsideView maintains a current list of the subprocessors utilized by InsideView in the processing of information for InsideView’s Products & Services, which may include processing personal information.

InsideView performs due diligence on the information security practices and data protection compliance of all third party subprocessors.

Subprocessor List

Name Related InsideView Products & Services Location
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Inc Cloud hosting services for all InsideView applications. USA
AlienVault LLC Intrusion detection (IDS) and security information and event manager (SIEM) services via AWS hosting. USA
CyberSource Corp Credit card processing for self-service customers. USA
Gainsight Inc Customer success platform for managing customers. USA
Google LLC Data storage and transfer for professional services engagements. USA
MaxMind Inc Fraud prevention for credit card processing for self-service customers. USA Inc Customer relationship management platform to manage customer support, customer marketing, and business intelligence. USA
TowerData Inc Email validation service in Data Integrity. USA
Zuora Inc Subscription management for self-service customers. USA


Requesting More Information or Objecting to a Subprocessor

To request more information or object to a subprocessor, email