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The Fastest Time-to-Value for InsideView Data Integrity

The key to maximizing value from InsideView Data Integrity is to match as many records as possible from our platform to your CRM data. That way we can automatically clean those records. The problem is, most CRM databases are filthy — full of errors, non-standardized formats, stale data, and omissions — and that interferes with matching.

The result is that you will likely have to spend a lot of time manually reviewing “possible” matches after your first run of Data Integrity. That is, unless you have our Professional Services team set you up with a Data Activation Service.

We quickly and expertly analyze and resolve many of your “possible” matches, significantly increasing the number of “good” matches and reducing the number requiring your review. Once matched and cleaned, we assign InsideView IDs to each record for automatic matching and refreshing going forward. Then, as new data enters your system, you’ll have a more manageable number of new records to clean and review.


An InsideView Data Activation Service takes advantage of InsideView’s deep data knowledge and proprietary tools to hand curate your initial matching and boost match rates. During an InsideView Data Activation Service, our Professional Services Analysts:

  • Analyze your data to identify potential problems
  • Standardize and normalize your data
  • Tailor our matching algorithms to increase match rates
  • Perform quality assurance checks to increase accuracy
  • Assign InsideView IDs to all matched records for ongoing data maintenance and management with InsideView Data Integrity


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    Set up your Data Activation Service today!

    We work quickly to get you on your way to healthy data governance with InsideView Data Integrity. For example, we can activate up to 50K records in less than 2 weeks.

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