Ideal Customer Profile &
Total Addressable Market:

Target the Right Revenue.

Are you targeting the right customers? The ones that generate the most revenue? Understand what makes a customer ideal and then fill your CRM with look-alike accounts.


53% of B2B companies rarely, if ever, analyze their addressable market.

Source: InsideView, The State of Sales
and Marketing Alignment Report, 2018

Define your company’s ideal targets.

Use an interactive wizard to define your ideal customer profile (ICP). Or tap into InsideView’s advanced logic to instantly characterize your ICP from a list of your current best customers. Then visualize your ICP and size your total addressable market (TAM), using interactive maps and graphs.

Identify every possible opportunity.

Let InsideView’s artificial intelligence uncover new accounts that match your ICP, even if those accounts aren’t in your CRM. Intelligently separate whitespace from known accounts, and pull in just those new accounts that add to your universe of targets.

Use ICP to focus your efforts.

Tag ICP accounts in your sales workflow to focus your revenue teams on your highest priority targets. Provide guidance on your focus accounts, tailoring programs to different subsegments. And add more recommended look-alike accounts directly into CRM.