First Expert Services Offering Will Help Customers Maximize Revenue Growth by Identifying and Targeting Total Addressable Market

SAN FRANCISCO – July 27, 2017 – Today InsideView announced InsideView Expert Services, a premium Data Concierge Service, to help customers navigate the data complexities involved in strategic go-to-market initiatives. The first Expert Service will deliver target market analytics and help customers build a view of their Total Addressable Market (TAM) using a data visualization console. The analysis enables customers to more effectively select the right accounts for their account-based marketing (ABM) initiatives.

Despite the obvious benefits of identifying TAM and its importance in the success of a company’s ABM initiative, many organizations don’t know where to start in figuring out their TAM. At a recent Sirius Decisions Summit, a poll of the keynote audience revealed that more than 50 percent had an ad hoc or nonexistent approach to measuring total addressable market.

“When it’s time to pick accounts, marketing and sales can have different ideas about which should make the list,” writes Laura  Ramos in a recent  Forrester report.1 “Successful marketers always lead with data to identify the characteristics that distinguish “good” opportunities from those selected through feel, anecdote, or intuition.”

InsideView Expert Services is staffed by a professional services team of data experts that has worked closely with customers for more than ten years to make their go-to-market efforts successful. The Target Market Analytics offering draws on InsideView’s expertise and technology to help companies find their white space, identify their TAM, and build effective targeted account lists.

TAM Visualized

As part of the Target Market Analytics Service, InsideView customers will gain access to a data visualization dashboard that displays their sales and marketing data and enables meaningful insights. Customers can interact with their data in real time through the visualization, then export and download a targeted list of accounts. Once they’ve identified their TAM, companies can compare against current target lists to fill in the gaps (or “white space”) in their current sales and marketing database. This analysis is helpful for narrowing down and selecting the right accounts for ABM, creating geo-targeted campaigns, planning for events, and sales territory analysis.

“We’ve always strived to be a strategic partner for our customers, and many companies underestimate the data complexities involved in go-to-market planning and execution,” said John Kelly, CRO, InsideView. “Now we have an expert services team dedicated to help guide customers step-by-step through the process of defining their ideal customer profile, identifying their TAM, and making sure the right targets are in their database. Our goal is for InsideView Expert Services to be a trusted partner for customers looking for help with any big, thorny data-driven initiative for marketing or sales.”

InsideView Expert Services TAM offering is available today to all InsideView customers.

1. Retro Yet Revolutionary: Demystifying Account-Based Marketing, Forrester Research, Inc., September 19, 2016

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