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Gender diversity in the tech industry remains a trending topic, but the conversation is mostly about technical roles. What about careers in sales, marketing and ops? There are terrific opportunities for women and it's time to discuss it. We're ecstatic to have a panel of emerging talent – across sales, marketing, and operations – who will share their stories and advice on their fast track of career growth. Join these "up and comers" for a lively discussion and get your juices flowing about your own career.
Tracy Eiler, CMO, InsideView
Brooke Julicher, Regional Sales VP, MongoDB (formerly Zuora)
Ashley McIntyre, Manager Sales Engineering, Enterprise, Infer
Courtney Boyajian, Senior Strategic Sales Executive, Salesforce
Dayna Rothman, Vice President Marketing, BrightFunnel (formerly Everstring)
Kristi Kucharski, Business Development – Uber for Business, Uber
Lauren Olerich, Director of International Marketing, Gainsight
Nikki Nixon, Director of #FlipMyFunnel, Terminus

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is more than a marketing buzzword—it's a strategy that savvy marketers are incorporating into their marketing mix to drive revenue across their business. As more organizations shift toward account-centricity, it is essential to have the right tool in place to easily target, engage and measure accounts. Attend this session to learn why ABM is valuable for businesses of all sizes, what critical components any ABM solution must have, and how Marketo is executing ABM programs to generate pipeline.

Account Based Marketing challenges the status quo of B2B marketing and sales by flipping the funnel on traditional lead gen. Learn the stages of The ABM Framework which go beyond the typical B2B buyer's journey to a comprehensive customer marketing experience.

Marketing and sales leaders are frustrated with each other. Alignment is an age-old problem and it's high time we got our collective act together. It's the only way to survive and thrive against today's changing buyer dynamic. This session is based on original research, content, and contributions included in "Aligned to Achieve" (Wiley, October 2016). The authors will discuss highlights of the book and give tips on how and why to get aligned. Want to know what misalignment is really costing you? Need practical advice on how to go after the problem? We'll discuss real-world actions for improving your culture, processes, and technology and you'll learn the financial and strategic impact of getting
alignment right.

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Account Based Marketing (ABM) has quickly become a top priority for companies and it works -- over 80% of marketers say the ROI of ABM vastly outperforms other marketing investments. During this session, panelists will discuss how targeted company and contact data, when used together with insights, can maximize the precision of campaigns, helping them break through and get results. They'll also dive into real case studies and explain how to start an ABM program in your company.
Adam Perry, Director of Product Management, InsideView
Cari Baldwin, President, BlueBird Strategies
Kevin O'Malley, VP Demand Generation, SalesLoft
Jennifer Sprague, Director of Marketing, Harvard Business Publishing
Colleen Rombach, Senior Manager Demand Generation, InsideView
Melissa Matlins, VP Demand Generation and Global Marketing, Spigit

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