Market Intelligence embedded
within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Insights, powered by InsideView, is included with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to deliver industry-leading market intelligence directly into your CRM workflow.

Market Intelligence embedded within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation. Our Market Intelligence.

InsideView maintains a strong partnership with Microsoft. Among the many ways we work together:

  • We are a native feature of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. This Microsoft-branded offering—known as Insights—delivers industry-leading market intelligence directly into your CRM workflow.
  • InsideView integrates its market intelligence within Microsoft Dynamics CRM to support sales and marketing professionals.
  • Insights customers can upgrade to the Insights prospect list building.
  • InsideView offers intelligence solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premise solutions.

For Sellers

  • Provide market intelligence via the tool that sellers live in every day
  • Streamline and accelerate sellers’ research efforts
  • Increase CRM adoption by offering sellers real time data and insights
  • Improve data accuracy with direct data sync

For Marketers

  • Deliver customer data directly into marketers’ day-to-day workflow
  • Score and route leads based on complete data
  • Remove the risk of error by keeping data in the system
  • Improve overall data accuracy with automatic data sync

*Insights is included at no additional cost with every Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Professional and Enterprise license in the United States and Canada.


Powered by InsideView, Insights natively embeds market intelligence with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

InsideView Enrich

Turns basic lead information into detailed, contextual records that reveal far more about companies and their decision-makers than is possible through typical information channels.

InsideView Sales

Embeds market intelligence directly into sellers’ daily workflow. Its task-based user experience optimizes the entire sales process, paving the way for smarter sellers and faster closers.

InsideView Account Management

Gives account managers detailed, up-to-the-minute market intelligence to retain and grow your footprint with customers.