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Join Forrester Principal Analyst and leading sales and marketing expert, Mary Shea, as she discusses critical changes needed to better address The Age of the Customer. This session includes changes in buyer and seller dynamics, the importance of data and insights, and how "better together" helps companies succeed. The changing market is shifting B2B buyer and seller dynamics. Companies have to change, and that means assessing sales' abilities, aligning teams towards the customer, and enabling sales to win.

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In the deep sea of B2B selling, you can't wait around for the right people from the right accounts to swim into your demand generation net – you need to hunt "big fish" with a targeted and strategic approach. Relying on Inbound is no longer enough. You must to align your entire organization for success. In this presentation, Jon Miller will reveal the new secret sauce for combining Account Based Marketing with Account Based Sales Development to predictably generate pipeline. He will expand on the core ideas from his new book "The Clear and Complete Guide to Account Based Sales Development" so you can break down the silos, get organizational alignment, and close larger accounts faster.

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Millennials make up nearly 40% of today's US workforce, and that will grow to nearly 50% by 2020. As workers born after 1980 fill customer-facing sales and marketing roles, the approach and technology dependencies of those roles will also change. To address this shift, current B2B marketing and sales leaders must adapt their management and enablement approaches to effectively engage, motivate, and retain these resources. In this session, panelists will look at management best practices, innovative training methods, and new sales enablement tools suited for Millennials in B2B sales and marketing.
Jeff Day, VP Marketing, Highspot
Eric Quanstrom, CMO, KiteDesk
Mary Shea, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research