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While 90% of B2B marketers recognize the value of Account Based Marketing, more than half struggle to get started with ABM. Marketing departments often dive headfirst into ABM, buying technology products that help address one aspect of an account based strategy, rather than thinking holistically about how to build the ideal ABM tech stack.

This session will reveal a framework for thinking about how to invest in new technology to support your organization's ABM initiative. You'll get a detailed look into EverString's sophisticated ABM tech stack, and discuss the role that each product plays in driving account based success for EverString's marketing, sales, sales development, and customer success teams.

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Getting your data in shape is critical to the success of your go to market teams. Accurate and complete data is a major frustration for most operations teams. And many companies are swimming in technology. Learn how InsideView approached their marketing and sales systems to decrease their marketing database by two-thirds and cut their tech stack in half.

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Sales and Marketing Operations are a central resource for empowering the data-driven enterprise. A critical element of alignment is shared data throughout the Lead-to-Revenue process. Sales and Marketing teams have typically worked in their own siloed systems and it's been difficult to align on a single source of truth. We'll share prescriptive guidance for how to solve this through an integrated and consistent view of data throughout the marketing and sales processes.
Kristine Webb, Owner, K Webb Consulting (formerly InsideView)
Pam Hudadoff, Principal, Opine Consulting
Trevor Poapst, VP Marketing and Sales, RIVA CRM Integration
Kevin Downing, Senior Manager, Marketing Operations, InsideView
Tom Grubb, Chief Strategy Officer, Digital Pi

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Sales and Marketing Operations are fast becoming critical roles in today's successful companies. They're also becoming exciting new career paths for those with the right set of skills. But there's a lot to learn across systems, processes, data and technologies, and the ability to translate it all into sales and marketing speak-and success-is what separates the best from the rest.

This panel of Sales and Marketing Operations leaders will discuss the changing scope of the role due to the shifts in the B2B buyer-seller dynamic, and challenges and key learnings from their own experiences.
Matt Amundson, VP Sales Development and Field Marketing, Everstring
Jason Seeba, Head of Marketing, Bloomreach
Jason Paquette, Director of Sales Operations, MongoDB
Ben Kwon, VP Business Operations, Sumo Logic
Ahmed Chowdhury, Senior Sales Operations Manager, Anaplan
Swen Kolterman, Director B2B Marketing Operations & Automation, Glassdoor
David Cowings, Chief Marketing Data Scientist, RingCentral