The Targeting Intelligence Platform

InsideView is a technology platform – an engine that creates targeting intelligence. Delivering it when, where, and how you need.

Discover the breadth of the InsideView targeting intelligence platform

InsideView began as a single SaaS solution, created to empower sales professionals to sell informed and win more deals. Today, we are a technology platform for sales, marketing, other business leaders, and their operations teams. Our platform produces targeting intelligence, delivering it whenever and however you need to drive success from lead to revenue…and beyond.

Reduce friction and fuel performance with a consistent, unified view of your prospect

As a prospect moves through the lead to revenue journey, it’s essential to have a consistent, unified view of the person and company. Without it, marketing may target the wrong accounts and route leads to the wrong reps; sales may overlook high-quality leads; and both sides blame each other for missing revenue goals.

The InsideView targeting intelligence platform gives demand generation and revenue teams one source of consistent, authoritative data they can trust, optimizing performance across sales and marketing applications, removing friction between handoffs, and fostering sales and marketing alignment.

What causes sales and marketing mis-alignment?


Of companies say lack of common, reliable prospect and customer data

-Source: InsideView Market Report, Oct 2015

What would you be willing to do to improve revenue by


According to IDC, as much as 10% of revenue is impacted by misalignment.

And when you have a consistent view of your prospect/customer:

  • Marketing targets the right leads with the right offers, nurtures them at the right stage, and scores and routes them quickly and accurately
  • Sales reps receive quality leads and accepted rates increase
  • Pipeline grows
  • Your prospect/customer experience improves
  • Sales and marketing work off the same metrics, seamlessly and efficiently

Address your full range of data needs with our full line of products and services

While InsideView promises to be your single source of data, we recognize you’ll need to use it in multiple ways. That’s why we offer a full line of products and services.

Our Targeting, Marketing, Sales Intelligence Product Portfolio.

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  • Onboarding: Hit the ground running
  • Learning: Adopt best practices
  • Customer Success Management: Get the most from your investment
  • Professional Services: Customize solutions and optimize performance
  • Support: Get world-class technical help when you need it

Solve a spectrum of sales and marketing challenges

Are you running marketing campaigns, leveraging account based marketing strategies? Responsible for sales effectiveness or managing your sales and marketing data? Whatever your sales or marketing role, whatever your challenge, having more complete, accurate data and insights will optimize your performance.

Access targeting intelligence in your favorite sales and marketing applications

InsideView targeting intelligence is integrated into all major CRMs and marketing automation platforms.

Integrate targeting intelligence into your custom applications

Do you have a custom CRM system? A niche marketing automation solution? Are you building a B2B application to take to market? Make it more valuable and drive adoption by enriching it in real-time, with our industry-leading data and insights.