InsideView Professional Services

An Extension of Your Data Management Team

InsideView has been a pioneer in the market intelligence industry since our inception, and today we serve more than 20,000 customers worldwide across diverse industries.  That gives our Professional Services team unmatched expertise in applying market intelligence to drive lead-to-revenue performance and solve sales and marketing data needs. Data is the fuel driving your prospect/customer lifecycle. Turn to the experts to help you manage and maximize your use of it.

Get customized data solutions to address specific data needs.

When you have highly specialized data needs, or limited resources to manage your data hygiene, our Professional Services team is here to help. We’ll:

Build custom lists
When you need to target accounts based on unique criteria, like technology used or subsidiary locations, turn to InsideView. Our Professional Services team will create and deliver customized lists.

Clean and update your CRM data
Send us your out-of-date, incomplete company or contact lists, and we’ll diagnose the quality, update the old information, and enrich with up to 40+ fields of additional information.

Remove duplicate records
Add de-duplication to a clean project and we’ll remove duplicate records for you. You define the rules for what to keep, merge, and discard, and we do the rest.

Validate email addresses
Before your next major campaign or event, let us validate email addresses on your contact list to enhance your hit rate. We’ll analyze the records, assign individual “hygiene codes” – valid, invalid, or potential spam trap – and provide best practices recommendations.

Create custom agents
Have us tailor your InsideView search criteria to retrieve highly targeted insights about the companies and contacts that interest you. We can even translate an ideal customer profile into search logic and narrow results by supplementing with additional criteria.

Enable your CRM and marketing data
When you don’t have the time or resources to integrate new or refreshed data into your CRM or marketing automation system, let us do the work for you.

Integrate market intelligence into your unique tools and systems.

If you have a custom CRM system, use an application not currently supported by InsideView, or are simply resource constrained when it comes to integrating our data and products into your technology, our team of experts can build a custom integration for you. We offer:

    • Integration services for InsideView products and data
    • API development to flow market intelligence into your custom applications

Use our expertise to optimize performance and data workflow from
lead to revenue.

Whether you’re exploring account based marketing, need to audit your sales and marketing technology, are implementing a data management strategy, or anything in between, if it has to do with sales and marketing data, we’ve done it. Our team of advisors can help you with these services:

Sales and Marketing Technology Audit, with Best Practices Consulting
Identify opportunities for improvement within your technology stack and prepare to manage change.  Our audit will inventory existing technology and document processes and data flow. Then we advise you on best practices around data quality, tools, trends, and optimizing your use of market intelligence.

Total Addressable Market (TAM) Insights
Discover where you have gaps in your pipeline so you can expand your total addressable market. We perform a gap analysis of your current CRM data vs. InsideView’s view of the specific company and contact categories relevant to you.

Account Based Marketing (ABM)
Broaden your reach into key accounts with additional decision-maker profiles and account-based marketing insights.

Data Management Advisory
Because data is at the heart of your projects, trust InsideView’s data experts for best practices around global data strategy, data validation, deduping, and data normalization.