4 Fast Ways to Turn Family Trees into Fortune

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4 Fast Ways to Turn Family Trees into Fortune

What do we mean by “Family Trees”?
Not your ancestral family tree. We’re talking about linkages between related companies — parent companies, subsidiaries, and ultimate parent companies.


Did you just make a sale? Find a new lead? Check out their corporate family tree to uncover hidden gold.


Here’s how…


1. Multiply Your Success

When you make a sale at a company that’s a subsidiary of another, turn that sale into more deals by asking your buyer for introductions to the other subs. Then reuse your successful talk track and leverage what you learned from the first sale.

2. Turn a Single Sale Into an Enterprise Agreement

Another approach is to skip the subsidiaries and go straight to the top. Sell the parent company an enterprise agreement that covers all their locations in one fell swoop.


Pro tip:

Check family trees first, before you start prospecting. You’ll save time and frustration by eliminating channel conflict, if someone else owns the parent and tree. And if there’s no conflict, you can use what you learn to plan your strategy up front around these four fast paths to fortune.


3. Shorten Sales Cycles

Suppose you go to the top and discover the parent company already has a Master Services Agreement (MSA) with your company. You’ve just saved all kinds of time, because you now have preferred vendor status, which means you’re more likely to close deals with the subsidiaries and you’ll bypass all the red tape.

4. Grow New Markets

Feed family tree lists from your best customers or prospects into a visualization tool and see where they have a concentration of locations. Then invest your sales and marketing resources there.


Pro tip:

Finding family tree information can be hard, unless you have a sales intelligence solution like InsideView Insights. Then it’s easy, because we embed family tree data directly into your CRM or you can access it on any website or LinkedIn with our browser extension.

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